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About ReviewCaddy

ReviewCaddy is a platform independent reviews and ratings software for all ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce/WordPress, XCart, BigCommerce, Drupal, etc.

This product reviews and ratings application helps sellers to collect opinion from their customers in a rich and interactive way about the items purchased by them from the online store. It’s a powerful feedback management tool enriched with features that helps sellers to listen to their customer’s voice and accordingly make updates on the product pages. This helps to increase the number of loyal and returning customers on online store, resulting in consistent increase in revenue. ReviewCaddy gives the ability to the buyers to post reviews, rate products on the website, share it on social media, and also collect and display visual user-generated content such as images and videos and enhances the chances for the potential customers to quickly make a buying decision and develop a trust and bonding with the website.

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How It Works

ReviewCaddy For Magento Store

We have developed Magento reviews and ratings extension that easily integrates with Magento store with fully loaded features. It reminds buyers to post reviews on their purchased items and encourages them to share their experience with the store. This product review extension integrates with both Magento 1.x & Magento 2.x platforms.

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ReviewCaddy For Woocommerce Store

This is one of the latest Wocommerce product reviews and ratings plugin to add powerful new features to your Woocommerce store. It has a unique functionality that allows customers to provide star rating and review to the items on the online store. Easy to integrate, a fully featured WordPress review plugin.


ReviewCaddy For Shopify Store

This Shopify review and rating App easily integrates with your Shopify store and offers all latest features to boost your store performance and increase sales. This Shopify reviews app sends automated reminder emails to buyers to write the reviews on their purchased items.
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ReviewCaddy For BigCommerce Store

Customize and integrate your BigCommerce store with this customer review software and convert your product pages to high conversion landing pages.

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ReviewCaddy For All E-commerce Stores

Our 5 Star Rating App easily integrates with almost all e-commerce stores and helps sellers to collect user opinion by sending reminder emails to encourage the buyers to post reviews and rate products, and also share it on social media platforms to get more buyers . Request for free trial and we will help you to integrate this reviews and rating application with your existing online Bigcommerce store.


Exclusive Features

Reviewer Badges

The application assigns and displays reviewer badges to each reviewer and provides ability to block non verified users to write reviews. This feature safeguards merchants getting unverified and frivolous reviews.

Review Import/Export

Application provides the ability to import reviews from different e-commerce sites and other sources. This feature is specifically helpful for merchants migrating from one platform to another.

Unlimited Reviews

Unlike other product reviews and ratings applications, the ReviewCaddy application offers unlimited reviews and page views. Leverage fresh customer generated content on continued basis to get prominence in search engines.

Review Reminder Email

The application gives the ability to schedule emails to remind the buyers to write review on the products that they purchased from the site.

Layout Manager

Layout Manager provides the flexibility to change the look and feel of Review form, Review display and email templates. It allows customization of user interface to seamlessly match with the site theme.

Social Sharing

The users can share reviews on their social media pages. This helps in showcasing the reviews to a larger audience, thereby driving more traffic to the site.

ReviewCaddy Advantage

Increase On-Site Conversions

Authentic and positive product reviews on your site can help in driving more traffic to your site, and eventually, increase sales.

Build Trust with Visitors

The more verified reviews on your site, more are the levels of trust of your site visitors; they read reviews and spend more time on your site.

Customer Engagement after Sale

Requesting a buyer to write a review after they have purchased from your site is helpful to re-engage your loyal customers. You can also send them emails with a review form to make it convenient for them to write product reviews and ratings.


Regular updates on the site with new and unique reviews helps in enhancing SEO of your site. This increases the visibility of your products. Social sharing of reviews also helps in driving more traffic to your site.

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